Monday, August 27, 2007

Louisville's Ford Ironman Competition

Yesterday Louisville hosted the first Ford Ironman Louisville competition. About 1800 triathletes jumped into the Ohio River (ick) and swam 2.4 miles. Then they got out and grabbed a bike where they cycled for 112 miles. Lastly they voluntarily ran 26.2 miles with the finish line being in the middle of 4th Street Live.

The winner, Chris McDonald finished this insane race in less than 9 hours. It makes me tired just thinking about it. It is amazing to me that people can be in this good of shape. Personally my shape is somewhat round.

I can't imagine what kind of training these athletics must go through to be able to compete in these Ironman races. I barely have enough time to walk my dogs, do a few sit ups, and maybe a yoga position or two.

Well congratulations to all the athletes who were brave enough to sign up and compete in this race. You have inspired me to get my bike out of the basement and I might even manage to ride it this year.

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