Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Window Web Surfing

It seems like I am always running around like crazy in the real world, but lately I feel like I am doing the same on the Internet. I just don’t get to surf like I used to, but occasionally I try to find out what’s new and interesting in the virtual world.

Here are some interesting sites I happened upon today, and I will be sure to check back on occasion to see what is new on these sites.

I first found http://www.homebizchat.com/the-10-secrets-to-making-money-blogging/#comment-5457 which gives some great advice on how to make your blog more popular. From that site I found http://problogreviews.blogspot.com/ where the author reviews various blog on the web.

http://www.weheartcats.com/ is a blog all about cats, their behavior, food, toys, and anything else you can think of. On the other spectrum this site list various strange way that people had died throughout history, http://whatsthecrack.net/List-of-unusual-deaths.

I do eat meat but I have been trying to cut back on my carnivorous tendencies for the sake of my health, the environment, and of course the animals themselves. http://www.livingwithoutmeat.com/ is a great blog to help you find ways to eat more vegetarian and vegan meals. In the same line of thought if you are looking for advice and product reviews on items that are “green” then http://www.naturalandsustainable.com/ is a useful blog.

I try to keep my yard and gardens in check by not using any type of chemicals or products that could be harmful to my animals, the wildlife, or the environment. http://www.earthlygarden.com/ is a great blog with tips on how to garden naturally both indoors and out.

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and http://www.genrefiction.net/ is a great blog for book reviews and links to websites about the featured books and authors.

I often try to practice my writing skills and the blogs, http://www.fictionscribe.com/ and
http://www.naturalandsustainable.com/ gives some good hints, advice, and writing prompts. For good web development advice http://www.webdevnotes.com/
is both helpful and has some really cute pictures.

If you know of some other interesting sites or blogs, let me know.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Louisville's Ford Ironman Competition

Yesterday Louisville hosted the first Ford Ironman Louisville competition. About 1800 triathletes jumped into the Ohio River (ick) and swam 2.4 miles. Then they got out and grabbed a bike where they cycled for 112 miles. Lastly they voluntarily ran 26.2 miles with the finish line being in the middle of 4th Street Live.

The winner, Chris McDonald finished this insane race in less than 9 hours. It makes me tired just thinking about it. It is amazing to me that people can be in this good of shape. Personally my shape is somewhat round.

I can't imagine what kind of training these athletics must go through to be able to compete in these Ironman races. I barely have enough time to walk my dogs, do a few sit ups, and maybe a yoga position or two.

Well congratulations to all the athletes who were brave enough to sign up and compete in this race. You have inspired me to get my bike out of the basement and I might even manage to ride it this year.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dumbest Thing Ever Said By a Politician?

I don’t write much about politics but I couldn’t believe the blog I saw on Digg It’s top stories today. Apparently Florida’s State Representative Bob Allen (R) was caught offering to pay an undercover cop $20 to give him oral sex. His explanation was just horrible and funny all at the same time. Check out crooksandliars.com to see the excuse and read some pretty funny comments.